MyBramHealth Quick Cardio Fun Challenge

FEB 20 - 24, 2017

Show your heart some love with our February MyBramHealth fitness challenge which kicks off Monday, February 20th.  This 5-day “Quick Cardio Fun Challenge,” led by Coach Jeff Strahan of Fitness Image Results, will get your heart racing with quick, daily video workouts you can do on your own.  Register (or login) at,  go to the “Teams & Challenges” tab and join the Brambleton team to view the daily workout videos.  After completing each days’ workout, click on the “I Did It!” button and you’ll be entered in a drawing for a daily raffle.

Remember, this is a 5-day challenge with a new workout video to complete each day!  Plus, Coach Jeff will suggest “extra credit” exercises to help you burn even more calories.  At the end of the challenge, a grand prize winner will be selected among those who participated all 5 days.  The grand prize is 3 months of free classes or a private session with Coach Jeff at Fitness Image Results.  Good luck!




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